Information Technology Trends for 2018

Information Technology Trends for 2018

Previous years have seen lots of inventions and innovations that have shaped industries. Above all, they have expanded economies as well as the frontiers of knowledge. These technological innovations that pertain to information sciences include data security, sophisticated smartphones, and artificial intelligence. They have ensured that information technology remains dynamic in every positive sense.

Trends of 2018

Even though as humans we cannot see the future, we can always deduce and estimate the exploits of last year. As a result, we’ll have an idea of what the year, 2018 holds for us especially information technology. The following are possible things or trends that are or will take center stage in the year 2018.

More Sophisticated Smartphones

The year 2018 will experience the invention of more compact mobile devices. Producing smartphones that are even smarter, not flexible but foldable. These will be far better than the bezel-less display but will become handier after being folded. This kind of invention will blaze the trail for more innovations that will blow the minds of many people.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Although this technology has found value in previous years, its further advancement in 2018 will have life-changing consequences. Artificial Intelligence via easy access to data algorithms. Finding expression via machine learning I’ll have an impact on how we contact people and transactions. It will take over jobs in different fields ranging from journalism to other white-collar jobs. Before choosing any future career path, looking into this massive acceleration in technology might be a wise decision.

Introducing the 5G Technology

Seeing the way people use the internet and the way consumers crave a faster network, there is a possibility of having a system faster than 4G. It is 5G. This technology can be ten times greater than the current system. 5G will undoubtedly change our reaction to web streams, introducing the use and design of apps and devices like 5G phones. The year 2018 will have engineers, software designers and even consumers gearing up for the advent of this remarkable technology.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is being embraced by the world’s biggest corporation like Google, Apple, and Facebook in previous years. This technology has entirely laid the foundation for the onset of smartphones, laptops, and game consoles that will be compatible with new technology. The year 2018 appears to be the ripe time for the proliferation of these devices and broad application of this technology.

The Blockchain Revolution

Though the blockchain technology becomes quite popular in the year 2017, it will continuously trend in the year 2018. This tech is because its other applications will become even more apparent. Apart from being a platform of the transaction for the digital currency, the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology it can continuously limit the incidence of computer hacks. With the backing of digital experts, this can change the perception and use of the internet. Therefore, it impacts the terrain of data security as data will be stored simultaneously across millions of computers.

2018 appears to be the year of many digital innovations, which provides consumers with better utility and grants tech giants a competitive advantage for maximum profitability. Even as the year is in its first quarter tech enthusiast are even more confident that these trends have started unfolding along with its numerous benefits.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence is the one the elements that make successful people tick. It is seen in the way they speak, compose themselves and go about their activities. In the same way, confidence at work is indispensable. It affects not just your efficiency but also influences the productivity of an organization.

Gaining Confidence

Confidence at work entails a good understanding of the job description. For example, the skills you have obtained, the problems you solve and communicating this to others. The importance of confidence in your workplace is paramount. It encourages you to grow, takes on tasks that stretch you. It will increase your capacity to find your way to the pinnacle of your career. The confidence you depict inspire others and can help others find you reliable. Being confident will likely lead you to take on large projects. In turn, being nominated for promotion and other juicy recommendations.

Specific factors make people lose confidence in a corporate environment. These factors range from lack of the pre-requisite skills for your job. Among other employees, being the least experienced person. It can also be, having low self-esteem. Feeling intimidated by other employees. The fear of being fired. The inability to handle public criticism. Just being unnecessarily impatient with yourself. Or being stubborn with your superiors. Whatever be the case, you can regain your lost confidence. The right confidence will boost your maximum productivity and success at your workplace. Though this may require patience, paradigm shifts, and effort. The following are ways to ensure your confidence is always at its right level while at work.

Focus on yourself

Be deliberate about ignoring the politics in the workplace, activities that sap your efficiency. Instead, concentrate on your duties and handle them with enthusiasm and energy. Invest in yourself. Have a better attitude and guard it against abusive relationships and poisonous friends. Believe in yourself. Motivate yourself. Say things that are positive to yourself. Always remember that confidence is a product of hard work and a right attitude.

Strengthen your strengths and weaken your weakness

Boosting your confidence goes beyond identifying your strengths. It also entails building on your strengths every day. Focusing on them and using them to carry out your official responsibilities effectively. Once you always approach work from the angle of your unique strengths, you become more energized. Even more strengthened and more confident.

Deliberately building on your strengths makes your weakness almost negligible. However, be careful enough to note your shortcomings that puncture your confidence. Map out actions, identify plans, and act on them consistently until they are crushed. As you do this, monitor your progress, take note of your daily accomplishments. In doing this, you can also engage trusted friends and colleagues. Get their feedback, suggestions as well as their encouragements in your pursuit to boost your confidence.

Stretch yourself

Don’t always settle for the conventional, go for new experiences. Rach for more significant tasks, tougher challenges, hard assignments that will stretch you and build you up. In which will increase your confidence level. However, while doing this, ignore the temptation to judge yourself at the early stages. By comparing your progress with others who have been on the same path for an extended period.

Carefully handle criticism

Quote by Barry Finlay

One of the best ways to enhance confidence at work is to increase our emotional capacity in the workplace. Criticism involves understanding that your confidence might weaken with mean words of harsh criticisms. Our ability to handle an event like this is what makes the difference. It is important to note that co-workers might act or speak rashly due to stress, frustration or even due to their inability to see things from your perspective. You can’t control what they do, but you can always determine the extent their words and actions affect your self-confidence.

Regardless of your career, confidence in your workplace is an essential component required for your journey to the top. However, it is not gained automatically; it is nurtured, groomed by thought and awareness. Creative efforts, positive self-talk, and diligence at work help reap a harvest of confidence that will inspire and motivate others.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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Cybercrime: The Invisible Crime

Cybercrime: The Invisible Crime

With cybercriminal activities perpetually on the rise, cybercrime is one of the most significant challenges that humanity has faced. Also, with the trend of hacking, experts predict that this will continue for even more than two decades.  Cybercrime has become profitable and even more comfortable with the sales of stolen data in the black market.

Since the use of unknown online currencies as a means of payment, these digital currencies are a challenge to track online. Cryptocurrencies like Tor and Bitcoin are giving room for cybercriminals to thrive. Cybercriminal organizations are growing more tentacles. By increasing their scale of operation, the frequency of their attacks is expanding.

Cost of Damage    

The price of damage as a result of cybercriminal activities goes beyond the loss of cash. It also involves the robbery of intellectual property, loss of personal, organizational data to theft. Therefore losing productivity which obstructs the normal flow of business operations. Other hidden cost includes time spent on restoration or deletion of hacked data and malware. A security systems breach causes reputational harm and loss of customers’ confidence suffered.

Increasing cybercriminal activities makes it impossible to estimate the actual cost of the damage caused by cybercrime. Although cyber-crimes are often reported in the media, these are just a piece of the whole picture. In most cases, this kind of crime is frequently not reported to the authorities.

Recently, McAfee, as well as the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report. It estimates that the global cost of damage as a result of cybercrimes is up to $600 billion. This figure constitutes about 0.8% of the worldwide GDP. The extent of this global economic report causes a sense of worry. Findings obtained from similar reports in 2014, shows more than 20% increase in cybercrime estimated damage cost. Increased theft of intellectual property and vital secret information, accounts for about 25% of the cost of global cybercrimes.

Who is affected?

The reports further reveal that all regions of the world are affected by this global trend. Even though there may be variation in figures that represent the cost of the damage. These variations are dependent on the regional economic prosperity and cyber technology maturity. These factors are evident by the fact that the wealthiest countries suffer the most significant losses. Europe and Asia alone lost about 160 to 180 billion dollars followed by North America who endured about 140 to 175 billion dollars loss. South America and Sub-Saharan Africa are the least hit losing 15 to 30 billion dollars and 1 to 3 billion dollars respectively.

Predictions from cyber authorities reveal that by the year 2021, the estimated cost of cybercrime damage may be $6 trillion annually against the $3 trillion recorded in 2015. Financial cyber analysts explain that this will be one of the highest magnitudes of wealth amassed from illegal activities. More significant than the amount of money accrued from the sales of all kinds of illicit drugs.

The more complacent we become it appears, the media is overrun with reports of ransomware and another form of cyber-attack. The reality is that this is a significant threat to all sorts of digital innovation and global investments. The risk that cybercrime poses is not covered by any form of insurance, hence it is not a risk we can continue. Instead, it is time to collectively make efforts to protect our enterprises from the escalating wave of cybercrimes.

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Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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Information Technology Trends for 2018

Organizing Your Work Day to Be More Efficient

Why we need Organization

The Chaos

Does this sound familiar? Getting to work and realize you forgot your power cord for your laptop. Then you go to grab your glasses and they aren’t there. Another crazy day ahead. Now the whole day becomes a lot harder because you don’t have what you need. The famous words come from your mouth, “I need to get organized.”

Tips to Organize

Making your work day go smoother is very important. Here are some ways to organize your desk.

#1 Keep what you need in one area

This is very important because a lot of items we forget are in the rush to get out the door. If everything is in the same area, it will be simple to check.

#2 Schedule your day the night before

Have you heard the phrase, “know before you go”? Well, we are using it for this. If you know what is in the day ahead it will help you to know what to expect. This will help your day to be more effective.

#3 Organize your work area

Your work area is a place you spend most of your day. If it is not organized, it will be the creator or your chaos. Having items in place will help your day flow.

#4 Use your time wisely

It is easy to get distracted but working on a big task first thing in the morning will help get it out of the way. Especially if you have been procrastinating it. Then the rest of the day will go smooth.

#5 Figure out what your job entails and make time slots for that job.

In this tech-induced world, a lot of our jobs carries into several programs or social media. Place a certain time of day dedicated to that certain program/social media. That way you know that you will always have certain tasks at the same time every day.

#6 Allow for Flexibility

Life happens! Therefore, we need to be flexible. With flexibility, we need to be prepared to still get back on schedule.

#7 Write down appointments immediately

People in a meeting

Source: pxhere

Have you ever thought, “I will remember that” when you are told what time a meeting will be? Then, when it was time for the meeting you missed it? This is one organization skill that can help the busy mind to be not so cluttered.

Having success can all depend on how you organize your life. Let’s do it!

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

Exercising at a Sit-Down Job

Exercising at a Sit-Down Job


So why is being sedentary not a good thing?

Exercising is very important. Did you know that if you were to stay in the same position for hours and hours it can affect your circulation? It can cause harm to your organs. Your blood needs to be able to flow freely throughout the body.

Sitting at a desk is something that is sometimes unavoidable.  So, what can be done about it so that our bodies can feel healthy? If we are healthy, we can be even more productive in our work environment.

Tips on Exercising while at Work

It’s time for Cubercise !!

The Sammy Davis Jr.: Tap those toes, move those feet, create circles by rotating at your ankles. While you are standing around waiting for that copy or printout there is an exercise. Lift your toes to tap the top of something small, like soccer players tapping their soccer ball.

Going up: Instead of riding the elevator, take those stairs like you mean it!

Jog instead of Slog: Instead of slouching around, stand up and take a little jog in place. One minute of that is what you need.

Woman doing lunges outside

Source: CDC/ Amanda Mills acquired from Public Health Image Library (Website)via FreeStockPhotos

Split Squat and Jump: Place feet hip-width apart. Take one leg and step back two feet balancing on the ball of your foot. Lower into a lunge and come back up. Then switch legs. Do 10-12 times.

Walk around the office: Instead of just sending an email, walk to visit them in person. Did you ask someone else to get you something? Instead walk and get it. Just avoid those candy jars.

Dance and sit: While you are sitting there just start dancing the dance. Move that body!

Hold the Wall: Do you find yourself just standing while someone is talking to you? Shimmy right up to the nearest wall and do a wall sit. You place your back against the wall and slowly slide down in a sitting position. Hold for 30-60 sec. For an extra challenge, cross one ankle over the opposite knee and switch.

Stand when you Can: When you can stand instead of sitting, do it! Get that blood flow going.

Squeeze the hairs off the office Chairs: Too shy to exercise in public, here is a great one for you. Squeeze those glutes and hold 5-10 seconds and release. Repeat until the meeting is done or the glutes are tired.

After Work Stretches

Sometimes when we hear Yoga, we think of having to be in a jumble of complicated bends and twists. Here are some simple but very effective poses to help end the day.

Mountain Pose: This is when you stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Take your hands and stretch them high above your head. Reach high to the clouds.

Forward fold: Slowly bring hands to stretch to your feet. Let your shoulders relax.

Warrior I: In a standing stance. Take one foot and step back two feet letting the knee in front be at a 90 angle. Taking your hands and reach high above.

Remember that circulation is key. Let your imagination flow as you find new ways to be healthy.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, 8(a) Minority, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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