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5G Vs. 4G: What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Each new generation of network technology has many improvements, and 5G has no exception. Credible sources and reports online project that the 5G network is going to deliver ultra-fast internet speed with surprisingly low latency. The new network generation 5G may change the future up to a great extent. But one question that most people Read More

5G Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our Future

Technology today is progressing rapidly. That’s why people still predict what the future holds. While some dream of flying cars, others wish for better medical infrastructure. Having said that, some emerging technologies like 5G can surely help in achieving the same. Today, we will be talking about five emerging technologies that will change our future. Read More

5 things you Need to Know About 5G if you’re a Gamer

5G is the 5th generation mobile network and the brand new global wireless standard after 4G. The technology is known to bring faster speeds, low latency communications, and high data caps in smartphones. Nevertheless, it’s quite a talk in the gaming industry too. Wondering the link between 5G and gaming? Here are some of the Read More

How the Arrival of 5G Technology Is Beneficial For the Virtual Reality

5G is all about high-speed data transmission and hyper-connected life. This new technology offers great connectivity and creates new value for both individuals and enterprises. With 5G, technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence, network slicing, and automation will drive the new business models. In addition to these technologies, the 5G also impacts Read More

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